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Welcome to your new life!

More specifically, welcome to the adamia Spiritual Resource Center: we are here to help. Our desire is for you to discover the joy and power of having full control of your own life. Few truly understand how possible this joy is or how powerful they can be, and we are actively defeating the crippling ways of life pervading our society.

Now that you have a sincere desire to rejuvenate your life, you are ready to start on a series of 5 introductory articles specially crafted to make the beginning of your journey as productive and enjoyable as possible. It might help to open each article in a new tab in your web browser (middle-clicking each link normally works), or simply click the "back" button to return to this page after you've read each article.

  1. Stake a claim on your life with responsibility.
  2. Empower your new vision by the power of thinking.
  3. Practice the ability to achieve your desires with discipline.
  4. Move towards your future by breaking it down into acheivable goals.
  5. Craft your own type of success with your inner power.

I strongly encourage you read each article in order and take the time to ponder what it means to you and your life path; you can only benefit by acting.


"exorcism" video

though the term isnt preferd to much, i may be of some help in your search for videos of Deliverance from Demons etc... as is it would generaly refered to, as teh term Exorcist or Exorcism is more refering to controling spirits with spells and other magical rights, real just a control of spirits not actualy much expelling of demons ever take place in those instances. Never the less you would do good to by or track down any DVD or the like relating to A.A. Allen there are several sites available and i would order from most any of them as i know most of them, and i own several Allen videos and other recorded media. Asa Allen was the first to popularize and publish live recordings of Demonic Activity in his meetings one album of teh time was called "Screaming Demons" which range from calm to hair raising. Many of teh sites list what is on the video, healing deliverance etc...., hopefuly im not going on n on and you already have the info. Im a bit of a Demonolagist of sorts I study Demons and specificly their destruction and torment etc..... saw your post and hope i have been of some help. Another name in the deliverance field is BIll Sabritzky. Hope you find some good info.


I will look into their videos.

a d a m

i have arrived.

david bluesminister bowden

you can find my life-blog-adventures at www.nakedsupernatural.com


i have been interviewing people that supernatural things have happenend to for about 10 years.

and i found this adamia adventure because i have posted a video on google BEAUTIFUL GIRL supernaturally healed of BLINDNESS (no joke)

and i was searching for similar or decent video posts that SHOW THAT THE SPIRIT REALM and the 'afterlife' should at least be 'considered' as an operative part of THIS life..

may today taste really good for you. david.bowden.

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