Extreme Cancer, Poison, and Infection - Miracles in Nigeria #04

I present to you some of the best video depictions of healings I have found. Breast cancer, chest cancer, leg cancer, body/skin poison, and mouth infection are all displayed with a before and after shot of the healing. Be warned: several of these are very graphic, and several contain nudity. If you are younger than the appropriate age, whatever that is, then you probably should not watch. If you are simply squeamish, well, I have little sympathy for you: this is the world we live in!

As you watch, make sure to note how they healed. The strongest evidence I see for the authenticity of these videos is the scars that develop. They seem very authentic, and it would take a team of professional makeup artists to try to fake these diseases and subsquent scars. Unless, of course, the scars actually developed over a year or more of medical treatment, but if so, why would the individuals healed allow themselves to be taped for this synagogue?

Back Cancer

This fellow had a substantial chunk taken out of his back from cancer, which formed a rather wicked pattern during its spread. Again, notice the scarring.

Body Poison

A powerful skin poison afflicted a large portion of this woman's body.

Body Poison and Cancer

A similar poison covered this mans body, along with a form of cancer.

Breast Cancer #01

This woman had a rough form of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer #02

Another woman with breast cancer.

Chest Cancer

A very nasty tumor had grown on this woman's chest.

Leg Cancer #01

Absolutely brutal-looking leg cancer formed out of a gunshot wound.

Leg Cancer #02

Very dramatic healing of leg cancer. One of the nastier things I have ever seen. You must watch this one...

Lips Cancer

I do not know how this poor woman could even eat with the condition her lips were in. Powerful healing.

Mouth Infection

Short, and I had a hard time understanding the English. Appears to have been a mouth infection.


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