Raising the Dead! - Miracles in Nigeria #03

Brace yourself! In this video a man is raised from the dead ... that is, if you believe it! I will let this one speak for itself. What are your thoughts?

Raising the Dead


Are you guys Christians????

Are you guys Christians????

Why not?

What do you see that makes you think otherwise?

a d a m

this man is alive today, but

this man is alive today, but when his time comes he can not escape the angel of death.


jesus christ is the name above all names.


I think thats mostly bullshit with all dat raising da dead shit

Evidentary Facts

Well lets see, its easy to post judgement and presume that it is fake.

However, from the video the chest compressions that they were doing on him can ONLY be done on somebody who has no heartbeat or rhythm. Doing these on a healthy person will interrupt the heartbeat and cause heart failure thus killing the person anyway; this proves that he was actually dead whilst laying on the ground.

Secondly, when the camera panned around his body laid on the floor, a close up of his eyes showed his pupils fixed and dilated. This indicates there was no brain activity either, proving he was dead.

Now we have to question the validity of the footage and the timescale involved in it. The time he was supposed dead, was around 4 minutes. A regular healthy person could survive from 4 minutes of chest compressions and aided breathing. So the video may show that the guy was dead by means of no heart rhythm or consciousness, but not brain dead (where damage has been done by lack of oxygen to such a degree that a recovery is not physically possible)

Although the first parts of the video I believe to be true, what follows with the "priest" or holy man attempting to resurrect the guy, i personally find insulting. This is clearly an act.

It’s fake I believe.

It's fake I believe.

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