The World of Adamia: The City in the Sky

As you browse adamia, you may think to yourself, "What is the upside-down city for?" Or, "What is the point of the satellite dish?" There is a reason for every element of symbolism in adamia, and we will reveal more of the vision as time progresses.

The most striking part of the world of adamia is the upside-down city in the sky. The city holds the citizens of adamia, blessed individuals who have all made one simple choice: the choice to be there. They live in the world of possibility, expressed through their own personal power. The city stands in stark contrast to a drab and gloomy city in the world below, which will be explored more fully in the future. The only difference between those living in the city in the sky and those still living below is that those in the sky have acknowledged their ability to choose otherwise.

One of the most exciting thoughts one has after arriving at the city in the sky is that of sharing the blessing with everyone in the world. The only possible reaction to fully experiencing this vision is to continually share everything gained, creating many opportunities for others to choose to live a life of possibility. The satellite dish is an icon of communication faithfully providing a constant stream of choice-illuminating options.

I hope you have a clearer picture of the meaning behind the imagery involved here at adamia. I look forward to revealing more of its depth in the future!



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